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Mond Musik was founded by Alexander Arpeggio (spAceLex) in 2014. On the one hand, the focus is to re-release obscure electronic private pressings from the late 70s and early 80s. On the other hand the aim is to support talented, yet unknown artists and bands.
Eine Welt is a sublabel of Mond Musik. Eine Welt centres on the contemporaneous, submerged electronic scene in Europe. We want to build a community of fresh, young artists with a different view on dance music and release their music.


Papertiger And The Cat Cammerorchestra - In The Disko
Papertiger and the Cammerorchestra - In The Disko

In 1982 Axel Schulß did a concept LP "Papertiger and the Cat Cammerorchestra - TEE-Age" under the alias John Buttermann which includes the track "In the disko". The Track is about a cocaindeal in a Discothektoilette.
He lived and was very well known in the art scene in Münster(Germany). He studied philosophy, journalism and german language. Axel also was a member of the art collective SCHANZE and founder of the Ü in Münster.

Writer, musician and artist Axel Schulß aka John Buttermann has died in 2009. We wanted to rerelease this Track in thoughts to the artist.
Thank you Axel Schulß for this great and funny denglish electronic masterpiece!
Eiskalte Engel - Eiskalte Engel
Eiskalte Engel - Eiskalte Engel LP

"Eiskalte Engel" emerged from Michael Bundt's Mannheim-based artist circles in 1981. "Total Normal", the band's debut album, released by Hansa-Sub Rocktupus, hit the shelves about a year later. Combining early NDW Electro Underground grooves with NDW Pop groundworks, the record's A and B sides offer both: minimalist dance tracks and pleasant pop tunes. Fast forward 23 years, the three pick of the bunch tracks "Mach mich nicht an, Mann", "R.O.M." and "Kinder aus Asbest" will now - for the first time ever - be released as DJ-friendly extended versions on vinyl. Also included: three remixes by Albion, Flemming Dalum & Steen Gjerulff and Nixxon. Albion Venables, mastermind behind the annual underground disco festival "Camp Cosmic", contributed a remix of "Mach mich nicht an, Mann" that turned out as a marvelous Space Cosmic track. Italo Disco legend Flemming Dalum and Steen Gjerulff, who produced the underground hit "Body Electric - Magic Electronic" in '84, picked it up as well and molded it into a spheric electro instrumental dub version. Next up is the "R.O.M." remix, which DJ Nixxon from Copenhagen based on an ingenious dark groove. Last but not least "Die Kinder aus Asbest" rounds off the record. The minimal, darkish electro sound hosts lyrics that are in line with Weltschmerz's "Sehnsucht aus Beton" and DAFs "Kebab-Träume.
Der Gotling - G-ZX
Der Gotling - G-ZX LP

Unearthed by Obermannkind this LP contains six underground electronic, minimal synth, proto techno & new wave songs of an lost obscure German Tape from 1986. Produced in Münster West Germany, just 50 Tapes were distributed and just a handful are still alive. Thanks a lot to Dunkeltier aka SneakerDj who restored all the tracks. It was really tough job. Even the mastertapes (directly from Mr. Gotling) were in really bad condition.
Dj Bert & Eagle - Import
MONDMUSIK International 001
Dj Bert & Eagle - Import

A Record which came out of the blue and disappaered in the universe as fast as it came out. Made for the top10 charts but a total fail. Luckely! Finally the Vocal Drum Edit of spAceLex will see the daylight and is ready for your 12" Maxi single dj experience. Remastered from the best audio engineer and totally worth for a two sided maxi single. Alessandro Adriani fantastic dub remix has a bit of industrial wavish touch and is a seven minutes mindbending trip. Beautifully reworked, made for the open minded dj with a deep sence for the unique.
Heilige 3 Könige - Heiraten und mehr LP
Heilige 3 Könige - Heiraten und mehr LP

You want to feel the magic of the first spark with that special someone? The Heilige 3 Könige will provide you with the theme song for your personal love story- 'Heiraten'. The album contains the first ever publication of 'Heiraten''s 7 inch version. The band from Hannover was originally formed in 1980 and released their first album 'Zum Teufel mit dem Kamel' in 1982. During this period they also recorded a second album, which, however, was never published. Some of the tracks on the record originate from this album which were restored jam sessions on tape. All tracks were edited and rearranged by Cid Hohner.
Siegmar Fricke - Kassettenjahre LP
Siegmar Fricke - Kassettenjahre 1988 - 1993 LP

Siegmar Fricke describes his music as “dynamic dancable collage-pop with a 90s technoid tendency”. The music on this release is made by Yamaha samplingkeyboards, Yamaha multieffects, synthesizers and 60s magnetic tape recorder, recorded on a four-track Tascam tape-machine. From 1987 – 1993 he produced twenty four cassette releases, some on his former label ‘Bestattungsinstitut’ and some on other tape-labels all around the globe. This vinyl is a fine selection of various tapes from 1988 – 1993 slightly edited for club use and remastered by Berlin’s masterchef Kitaro from Schnittstelle. Heavy underground dancematerial for the first time on vinyl!!! Comes with a strong extended dancefloor remix by Manfredas.
Eine Welt Compilation Vol. 1
Eine Welt Compilation Vol. 1

As Longitude - A Particular Place On The Floor
BBU - Estonia
C.Z. - Skalka
Marie - Marterpfahl
Dimitri SoEmotional - Outside The Green Zone
Unheimliches Manouvre - Eurythmic Foliage III
Eine Welt Compilation Vol. 2
Eine Welt Compilation Vol. 2

Geier Aus Stahl - Müdes Geschrei
Zeta - Cola Cubes
Konsistent feat. MZ - Держи Мою Руку
Novoline - Granchio Scorreggiante
Nixxon - Tsungire
Galgo - Fun Cum